Dedications & Preface

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         "Tis known by the name of perseverance in a good cause, 
and of obstinacy in a bad one".
Laurence Stern (1713-1768)


This document is dedicated to the numerous people who have
given so freely of their time and efforts over the years
in the service of the village hall.

It is especially dedicated to the memories of
the late Mr.Lewis John Clee and the late Mr.Walden Rogers,
who were undeniably the most efficient secretaries to have ever
served on the village hall committee. Also to the one man
without whom the hall would never have been built,
chairman on opening day, Mr.Colin Murray,
and last but not least, to the longest ever serving
member of the village hall committee,
treasurer, Mrs.Myra Thomas.



          This chronicle of the important events in the history of the Pontlliw Village Hall has been written to mark the occasion of the Twenty-First Anniversary of the official opening on July 15th 1972.

          To many people the village hall is just there, and always has been, and this is the sum total of their interest in the subject, to others the whole concept of the village hall started shortly before opening date, with a little effort being involved in the building, a few know that the land on which the hall stands was acquired much earlier, but are of the impression that nothing was done until building commenced, but not many, very few indeed, know the full story of the long and difficult task which faced the dedicated few who made the whole project possible. It is with this in mind that this history has been written, to set the record straight on the theories and misconceptions about this important aspect of village life.

          The history of the hall is so closely interwoven with the history of the village and in particular the school, that it would be impossible to write about one without incorporating something of the history of the other, however, it has been necessary to keep this record as concise as possible due to limitations of space and time, but it is envisaged that this document will form just a small part of the complete history of the village, which is currently being compiled.

          In researching the subject matter many avenues were explored, and many people are to be thanked for their help, in particular 'The West Glamorgan Archives Services Department' and Denver Evans for his book 'Bont, the story of a village and its Rugby Club', however, many dead ends were encountered, so little documentary information is still available, so much has been lost over the years, however, the reader can be assured that all the details and dates herein are taken from the documented records of the village hall, the school and various other sources, and that little if anything is attributable to hearsay or other unsubstantiated information.



Pontlliw Village Hall  (The Story of a Dream Come True)
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